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DSK Mobile EAD

Development and implementation of innovative
technologies and projects

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We develop activities in the field of:

  • smart-urban-transport
  • smart-parking
  • smart-vending-machines
  • smart-charging-station
  • e-shops

You can go anywhere with a card

With each contactless debit or credit card you can now pay for travel on ground public transport in Sofia. Together with DSK Bank we provided the opportunity for the bank card to become a transport document.


DSK Mobile urban transport

DSK Mobile provided an innovative solution for payment with a contactless bank card in the city land transport in Sofia

Thanks to an innovative solution of DSK Mobile, a subsidiary of DSK Bank, from May 11, 2021 the Urban Mobility Center (UMC) introduces a system for contactless payments in the urban ground transport of Sofia. Thus, the movement of nearly 2 million citizens and guests of the capital becomes easier and more convenient.

Passengers who use more than 1,110 buses, trolleybuses and trams in the capital will no longer need to carry small amounts of cash or look for ticket offices to buy a ticket. Consumers can use their debit or credit cards, Visa, Mastercard or Maestro issued by banks in the country or abroad, as well as cards issued by fintech companies, including through mobile NFC wallets to pay for single trip. It is enough to bring them closer to the validators only when boarding the vehicle. The system records the trip in milliseconds, and at the end of the day the card issuing bank receives the calculated debt.

"We are witnessing how quickly technology has entered our lives in the last year. The challenges we faced stimulated even the most reserved of us to start banking via mobile phone, to shop online and to pay contactlessly with a bank card. Digitalization is not in the future, it is in the present. That is why it is important that together with our partners, we managed to provide a solution to the residents and guests of Sofia, which will facilitate their movement and meet their needs for safe, easy and secure payment for transport within the city. With the implementation of this service, implemented by our subsidiary DSK Mobile, we once again prove that we are a responsible company focused on providing innovative solutions for the benefit of the whole society, "said Tamas Hak-Kovacs, CEO of DSK Bank.

For DSK Bank and OTP Group

A traditional leader in retail banking, DSK Bank holds leading positions in both private and corporate banking.

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About us

DSK Mobile - a subsidiary of DSK Bank. Our goal is the development and implementation of smart solutions and innovative projects, associated with the development and improvement of the urban environment. The focus of the company is digitalization and the introduction of new technologies to facilitate city life.


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Address: Sofia, 1036, 5 Georgi Benkovski Str

E-mail: info@dskmobile.bg

Working time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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