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About DSK Mobile

DSK Mobile is a company established in 2016, with the aim of developing digitalization and innovative solutions in urban environments, in compliance with the highest standards of security and protection.

DSK Mobile is a subsidiary of the DSK Bank, and a part of the parent company OTP Group; the largest financial service provider in Hungary and a regional leader in Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Group provides high quality financial services to more than 18 million clients in 11 countries, utilising its network of nearly 1500 branch offices, large-scale ATM network and highly innovative digital channels. OTP Bank has been present as an institution in Bulgaria since 2003; its financial developments and results have proved its stability, progress, and growth .

The goal of DSK Mobile is to develop and implement smart solutions and innovative projects aimed at improving the urban environment and increasing the penetration of cashless payments. The main focus of the company is the digitalization and implementation of the new technologies, which to facilitate city life for consumers and operators.

 DSK Mobile has launched several innovative initiatives

The first of them is related to the complete transformation of the service for purchasing transport documents in the public transport in Sofia, which was successfully launched on May 11, 2021 in the ground public transport. Passengers who use more than 1,110 buses, trolleybuses and trams in the capital will no longer need to carry small amounts of cash or buy a ticket before using the transport. Consumers can use their debit or credit cards, Visa, Mastercard or Maestro issued by banks in the country or abroad, as well as cards issued by fintech companies, including through mobile NFC wallets. It is enough just to tap on validators only when boarding the vehicle. The system records the trip in milliseconds, and at the end of the day the card issuing bank receives the calculated debt. As of 01 September 2021 travelers are receiving an automatic discount after 2nd ride during the day, as daily cap amount, and automatic enabling of digital daily travel card.

DSK Mobile is developing a technological opportunity for contactless use of parking lots throughout Bulgaria, which will facilitate their users and parking operators.

DSK Mobile plans to implement other innovative projects to support and consult its business clients, presenting them with modern products and high-tech solutions in various fields in the field of payments through the payment infrastructure of DSK Bank.


Management Board of DSK Mobile EAD

  • Damyan Medarov, Chairperson of the Board

  • Borislav Borislavov, Member of the Management Board

  • Emil Hristov, Member of the Management Board

The company is represented by Borislav Borislavov, Executive Director of DSK Mobile.

Supervisory Board of DSK Mobile EAD

Diana Miteva

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

Yuriy Genov

Member of the Supervisory Board

Peter Benyo

Deputy chairperson of the Supervisory Board