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Bank card payments in the public transport of Sofia

Contactless payment for travel in public transport in Sofia. It is enough for passengers to have a bank card - debit or credit issued by any bank or fintech company in the country or abroad.

Thanks to the payment infrastructure implemented by DSK Bank and its subsidiary DSK Mobile, any trip in the capital's ground public transport can now be paid with a contactless credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard or Maestro issued by any bank or fintech company in the country or abroad. Electronic NFC wallets can also be used as a payment option.

With this new service, there are no longer necessary for passengers who can use more than 1,110 buses, trolleybuses and trams and all active metro stations in the capital to carry small amounts of cash or look for ticket offices to buy a ticket. It is enough to bring their bank card or mobile phone with an electronic wallet closer to the validators installed next to each door when boarding the vehicle. The system records the trip in milliseconds, and at the end of the day the card issuing bank receives the calculated debt.

And in order to track their payments with a card for trips in the capital's public transport, Sofia residents and guests can download and install from the AppStore and Google Play the mobile application of DSK Mobile - City by DSK. With the application they can chack their travel history and payments, and also they can repay any debt remained opened from traveling.



Frequently asked questions

The price of a single trip paid with a contactless card / e-wallet is the same as if you buy a paper single trip card (ticket) in public transport - BGN 1.60. The difference is that when you pay with a contactless card / e-wallet, the final amount due will be calculated, respectively paid, after 00.00 on the day following the day on which the public transport is used.
It is also important to know that when you pay for a trip with your Mastercard, the moment you bring your card closer to the validators, , the system reports a transaction worth BGN 1.60 and at the end of the day, if there is no second payment, no additional charge will be made. For all other cards - Visa and Maestro the amount will be finally calculated and paid after 00.00 on the day following the day on which the capital's transport is used.

In all vehicles that are part of the Sofia public transport - metro buses, trams, trolleybuses, electric buses, including suburban buses.

If you use a card with insufficient availability then after the first trip the use of the public transport with it becomes impossible with that card/e-wallet until the due amounts are paid. The payment of the debt can be done online through the mobile application City by DSK of DSK Mobile or will be initiated on next tap on validator.

In ground public transport, the card should be close to the contactless payment image located at the bottom of the validator, not to the device screen. Upon successful payment of the trip in the vehicle, the screen of the validator displays "Valid card", accompanied by green light and appropriate sound signal.
In the metro, the card should be TAP to the screen of the device. Upon successful payment for the trip, the barrier can be rotated and the screen of the validator reads "Please pass", accompanied by a color signal.

The inspection devices do not have access to the data on the payment cards of the passengers, but only to the corresponding electronic transport documents. Bank card information is completely protected. In addition they was certified by Visa and Mastercard, the entire public transport service is validated by DSK Mobile and DSK Bank and by the security standard (PCI) for processing sensitive card data.

Of course, upon successful payment of the trip, the bank card is the transport document proving the insurance.

By downloading the mobile app City by DSK from the AppStore and Google Play, installing it and enrolling the card you used for travel. In addition, through the application you can repay an unpaid obligation to travel in the capital's transport.

You can access and print an electronic fiscal receipt for the paid trip by registering on the website of the Urban Mobility Center - https://webportal.sofiatraffic.bg.

One ticket is valid for traveling from initial stop of the route till its final destination in a single route. To be a regular passenger and according to the regulations of the Urban Mobility Center, you must pay for two trips - to the final stop of the vehicle and another trip - from the beginning of its new course.

An information sticker is affixed to each ground vehicle validation device. It is explain how in 3 easy steps you can use your contactless card as transport documents in the ground public transport of Sofia. For more information you can watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drSb_fz7HgQ

To use the service, you must have a valid contactless credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard or Maestro, issued by any bank or fintech company in the country or abroad. Electronic NFC wallets can also be used as a means of payment.

Tap your contactless bank card the validation device.

Wait for the successful payment message.

If you didn’t notice well, to check your payment result, you can tap your card again. You will not be charged a second time for the same route in same vehicle.

In case of unsuccessful validation, use another card or buy a ticket in another way.

When inspectors are checking for valid tickets and cards, tap your used bank card on the inspectors 's device.

DSK Mobile

At the moment, you cannot pay for more than one person in single trip with the same card. However, in the future, if new, more flexible tariff items are approved, this possibility could be added.

As of 01 September 2021, it is introducing a digital daily card anа if you pay with your bank card more than two trips in the public transport of Sofia within the same day, you will be charged a total of BGN 4, the value of the daily card.

You can contact the Information Center of Urban Mobility Center by phone: 0700 13 233. Suggestions, signals and complaints can be submitted through the section "Virtual office work" or at the address: Sofia, Blvd. "Knyaginya Maria Luiza" № 84 - Complaints Service.