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DSK Mobile introduces innovative solutions for modernization of cities

DSK Mobile - a subsidiary of DSK Bank, has started the implementation of smart solutions and innovative projects aimed at developing and improving the urban environment. The focus of the company's activities is the digitalization and implementation of new technologies to facilitate city life.
DSK Mobile has launched several innovative initiatives. The first of them is related to the overall transformation of the service for purchasing transport documents in the public transport in Sofia, enabling any Visa, Mastercard, Maestro contactless card to become immediately a travel document, with no limitations. The goal is complete modernization, providing solution for Urban mobile operators through the introduction of modern payment technologies, while maintaining the highest level of protection and security.
Implementation and maintenance of a virtual POS (eCommerce) for owners of online stores is the other project in the activity of DSK Mobile. The idea is for the representatives of e-shops to have access to innovative customized solutions that facilitate their work, save time, money and effort, both for them and their customers. The introduction of virtual POS in online stores allows consumers to make secure purchases with a debit or credit card. The company also develops modern technological solutions for payment to charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the country. DSK Mobile plans to implement other innovative projects to support and consult its business clients, presenting them with modern products and high-tech solutions in various fields.